Missing, Haunted

When I close my eyes I see you.

When I open my eyes I see you.

Whatever I do,

Whatever I go,

I see you.

Tell me,

 is this me

Missing you Too Much


Am I being Haunted by Your Ghost?

-Arikay’s Little Infinity


Excerpt from Xandra&Louis

“Honestly, I was scared,” he said.

“I mean, who wouldn’t be? I was dating the most popular girl in college and I was just the typical college nerd,” he sighs.

“I was not scared the she would cheat on me but the fact that the guys in college might beat me up someday terrifies me the most,” he laughed as he inhale his cigarette.

-Arikay’s Little Infinity


First Love 2

One Day, you’ll understand why my heart beats so fast whenever you’re around.

You’ll know how it feels to fall in love with someone and care for them.

Someday, I’ll be gone and you’ll understand just how much I’ve sacrificed for you.

I’m not expecting you to fall head-over-heels for me but I just wish you’d see yourself through my eyes, all those heartbeats, blood rush and goosebumps will make sense to you.

I’m not expecting anything out of you.

I get it, you don’t feel the same way and you’ll never understand the way I feel about you.

One day, when you finally fall in Love, You’ll realize you were my First Love and that Love is a thing that happens in a heartbeat.

It can’t be forced.

I hope you’ll be happy and find the meaning of Love someday.

You were too young and I Fall in love with you Just Too Quickly.

-Arikay’s Little Infinity