The Paint Brushes, Bewitching Me To Touch Them.

My Hands, Yearning To Hold Them Once Again.

My Poor Heart, Still Drowning In The Pool Of Misery.

These Beautiful Colors, I Longed To Touch Them.

I Love Painting, I Really Do.

But My Hands Trembled At The Thought Of You.

Slowly I Opened The Box I Have Been Dreading To Open.

The Colors, The Brushes, The Palettes, They’re Beautiful.

I Touched Them As A Glitch Of
Soreness And Bitterness Overwashed Me.
Sweats Forming In My Forehead.
Was All I Could Think Of Before I Put My Tools Away
In The Same Box Where They’ve Been Hibernating
For The Past Two Years.

-Arikay’s Little Infinity



She Was The Star That Shoots Across His Sky
On A Clear Autumn Night.
Since Then, He Started Chasing Her
With All His Might.
He Was Determined To Have Her.

Until One Day, He Realized
He Doesn’t Want To Chase That Star Anymore.
He Figured That He Has Wasted So Much Of His Youth
Chasing After That One Star,
The Most Beautiful Star
He Has Ever Laid His Eyes On.
With A Heavy Heart
He Decided To Stop Chasing That Star.

After All He Wasn’t Meant To Chase
Only After That Particular Star
But He Was Meant To Chase
So Much More Than Just One Star.

He Was Made To Chase The Moon,
The Sun, The Planets And All The Things
That Surrounds The Universe.

He Was Too Precious Of A Human
Just To Chase After Only One Star.

-Arikay’s Little Infinity


I Hate It So Much.

I Hate It So Much.
Days Like This.
I Hate It.
It Makes Me Feel Week And Gloomy.
It Haunts Me And I’m Not Sure If I Should Tell Anyone About This Particular Someone Raining On My Parade Years Ago.
Perhaps I Should Share It To Someone.
It’s Driving Me Crazy.
I Hate It So Much.

I Can’t Sleep, I Can’t Breathe, I Can’t Do Anything.

I’m So Stressed Out And Tired.

I Really Hate This.