The Paint Brushes, Bewitching Me To Touch Them.

My Hands, Yearning To Hold Them Once Again.

My Poor Heart, Still Drowning In The Pool Of Misery.

These Beautiful Colors, I Longed To Touch Them.

I Love Painting, I Really Do.

But My Hands Trembled At The Thought Of You.

Slowly I Opened The Box I Have Been Dreading To Open.

The Colors, The Brushes, The Palettes, They’re Beautiful.

I Touched Them As A Glitch Of
Soreness And Bitterness Overwashed Me.
Sweats Forming In My Forehead.
Was All I Could Think Of Before I Put My Tools Away
In The Same Box Where They’ve Been Hibernating
For The Past Two Years.

-Arikay’s Little Infinity



A Tranquil Of Adoration.

That’s What I Called LOVE.

-Arikay’s Little Infinity


Her Secret

I guess Love Has done something magical to Everyone when they fall in Love.

I mean, He looks at her like she was the star.

“MY GOD, She’s so beautiful,” that’s what he told me every day.

He was insanely in love with her.

I could only stare at him falling

Head-over-Heels for a girl

who will never feel the same way for him?

And I will always

be that person whose

Love was buried deep

inside because

I was Too Afraid to Tell Him.


-Arikay’s Little Infinity, Her Secret



Him as My Muse

He was charming. Never once had I expect a human to look enticingly beautiful.

His eyes sparkling like those captivating stars.

He flashes another breathtaking smile and

all I could think of was to engrave that

beautiful smile in my head.

I will forever cite him as my muse.

-Arikay’s Little Infinity, Him as My Muse