Her Secret

I guess Love Has done something magical to Everyone when they fall in Love.

I mean, He looks at her like she was the star.

“MY GOD, She’s so beautiful,” that’s what he told me every day.

He was insanely in love with her.

I could only stare at him falling

Head-over-Heels for a girl

who will never feel the same way for him?

And I will always

be that person whose

Love was buried deep

inside because

I was Too Afraid to Tell Him.


-Arikay’s Little Infinity, Her Secret



Him as My Muse

He was charming. Never once had I expect a human to look enticingly beautiful.

His eyes sparkling like those captivating stars.

He flashes another breathtaking smile and

all I could think of was to engrave that

beautiful smile in my head.

I will forever cite him as my muse.

-Arikay’s Little Infinity, Him as My Muse










But She Wondered Why He Sounded So Bitter.

-Arikay’s Little Infinity, BITTER


Handle Him With Care.

To The Person Who Have Him.
Handle Him With Care.
He is Fragile.
His heart is Vulnerable but He doesn’t know that.
The color Grey defines Him.
Even though He looks extremely classy in White.
He might look a little lost sometimes but he’s still a genius.
He might be yours but he is still my World.
At least that’s what I admitted to.
Be kind to him.
Make him happy.
Love Him.
Love him more than you love yourself.
Love him so much that everyone who ever sees you together knows that he is Yours.
Give Him Love.
All The Love He Can Get.
And Remember You Own My Entire World.
Handle Him With Care.


Little Do They Know

Little did she know that he notices her every move.

Little did he know that she observes his every move.

Little did they know they both were hooked, hooked with each other.

Little did they know that time waits for no one.

Little did they know how besotted they were for each other.

Little did they know that Love can never be exposed if one keeps the mouth shut.

Little did they know that unrequited Love can haunt you like a Nightmare.

Little did they know that just one enthusiastic move will do justice for them.

Little did they know how madly in love they were with each other until it becomes too late.

-Arikay’s Little Infinity