MomSick means Missing My Mother Terribly.

I Have Been Homesick Before And I Don’t Think
I Will Ever Know How To Comprehend Well With
The Feeling Of Homesickness.

But You See, I Have Been ‘MomSick’ Too And
I Think It Is Worst Than Being Homesick.
Because When You Miss Your Mother Terribly,
The Ache Comes From The Heart,
From Deep Within And It Feels Like
You Are Missing A Beat In Your Heart.


I Hate It So Much.

I Hate It So Much.
Days Like This.
I Hate It.
It Makes Me Feel Week And Gloomy.
It Haunts Me And I’m Not Sure If I Should Tell Anyone About This Particular Someone Raining On My Parade Years Ago.
Perhaps I Should Share It To Someone.
It’s Driving Me Crazy.
I Hate It So Much.

I Can’t Sleep, I Can’t Breathe, I Can’t Do Anything.

I’m So Stressed Out And Tired.

I Really Hate This.