Him as My Muse

He was charming. Never once had I expect a human to look enticingly beautiful.

His eyes sparkling like those captivating stars.

He flashes another breathtaking smile and

all I could think of was to engrave that

beautiful smile in my head.

I will forever cite him as my muse.

-Arikay’s Little Infinity, Him as My Muse


My Dreams; spilled thoughts

I always thought that I had a dream.
Not the type of dream you had when you sleep.
But the type of dream that makes you feel enthusiastic.
The type of Dream that makes you want to be on top of the range.
The type that makes you feel like you’re worth something.
The type of Dream that makes you feel like you’re enough.
Enough to make the world appreciate your existence.
The type where you’ll sacrifice all that you’ve got just to achieve that Dream of yours.
Dreams? They aren’t really something special until you realize that a Dream can actually take you to places that you’ve never dream of.
Dreams make you want to conquer the world.
They can make you crave the beautiful melodies all around the world.
They can make you feel exquisite and radiant at the same time.
Dreams make you want to explore all the beautiful things that exist around the world.
Dreams actually made a person stronger.
It makes me feel like I am the vigorous adventurer of my own World.
A person that I revere.
A person that I wish I could be.
A wanderer of my own Story.
I really liked the word ‘Adventurer’, it makes me feel like I can do anything If I believe in myself and Of course my own Dreams.

-Arikay’s Little Infinity, My dreams; spilled thoughts


First Love-1

I think I’m still going to like you even if it’s not meant to be.

If you ask me why?

I’d simply say,”Because I want you and nothing else.”

I mean, once you really Like or Love someone, the lingering feelings will never vanish completely.

You’re still going to think about what you could’ve done and what you could’ve been.

You’ll still think about that one person who sweeps you off of your feet.

No matter what you do or where you are? You’re still going to think about that one person, Your First Love.

And In my opinion, it’s better to stay unaccompanied,

than to be with someone else and

still thinking about

Your First Love.

-Arikay’s Little Infinity, First Love 1


His Own;Her Own

He Wanted

                                   Her To Live In

                                           His Own Galaxy


                     She Wanted

To Create                      

                                     A Galaxy Of Her Own.


-Arikay’s Little Infinity, His Own;Her Own



She wanted Him to explore The beauty of the world.
She wanted Him to feel the taste of magic that the world has stored for him.
She wanted Him to see every beautiful thing that surrounds him.
She wanted Him to feel Loved.
She wanted Him to know how important He is.
She wanted Him to know His worth.
All she ever wanted was the best for Him.
But in the proses of trying so hard to make him feel blessed, She forgets to shoe ‘Her Love’ for Him.
She forgets her motive.
He was always Her priority.
She made Him Her priority until she forgets to make ‘Herself’ her priority.
She forgets to make Him feel her beautiful ‘Heart’
because she treasures His worth more than Hers.

-Arikay’s Little Infinity, Her Priority